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Looking for a SEO Consultant in Melbourne ? I have a solution for you .. ME!! See why I am considered as a leading Search Engine Optimization Expert in Melbourne , Australia.

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SEO Articles

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SEO Services

I offer various SEO Services to my clients ranging from site audits to identify SEO issues with a website to coming up with a winning online strategy for their business. I believe that SEO packages are never the right way to go about a project each site will have to be analyzed and there has to be a custom campaign that will fit the business and meet their marketing goals. I specialize in small business local SEO, you will find that my search engine optimization services can be tailored to your specific marketing needs. We follow Google’s quality guidelines and only employ white hat SEO services and techniques.

Some of the SEO Services I offer include

In SEO half the battle is identifying the best keywords for your business. It does not matter if you are after organic traffic via SEO or pay-per-click marketing (PPC) , the effectiveness of your campaign will depend on your ability to find the right keywords for your business. It’s important to remember that it’s not about getting all the visitors you can find to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors to your website. I take care to include a mix of broad and long tail keywords to attract the right crowd to your site. I work closely with your business to identify the best possible keywords for your industry.
In any marketing campaign, it’s essential to have a good understanding of your competition before you dive in, SEO is no exception. I will help you analyze your competition from the basics what kind of links does your competitor get to advance drill down in to their online marketing strategy. Some of the common things you will need to look at includes Checking the Competition’s Backlinks, Evaluating their Presence on Social Media, Analyzing their Keywords , Do they have a content marketing strategy and how much impact does it have and figuring out how they are using PPC.
On-site SEO refers to everything you do on your website to improve the pages ability to rank better in in the SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages ). There are quite a lot of different things that comes in to play here a good site structure, xml sitemaps, well constructed titles and description, Markup, content marketing strategy, proper use of h1 tag, proper internal and external linking practice, Search Engine Friendly URLS and so on.

Off-site SEO has everything to do with how others link to your site some of the key things here is how you use Social Media to your advantage, how do you promote your content, how to build an audience and identity for your business, finding the right guest blogging opportunities, getting local citations and so on.

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What SEO Services do I offer ?

I can help you with consultation, formulation, analysis and testing of your digital marketing campaign. I can tell you what work and what will not.

I can do a full SEO Audit and see what sort of SEO work has been performed on your site. You can learn more about our SEO Services in Melbourne by clicking on that link.

I can come in for the SEO meeting you guys have with your SEO company and advise you on what sort of skill-set they bring to the table.

I also selectively pick on going SEO work for client ( depending on my current workload )

How can I help you ?

I am not your SEO Company, You might already have an SEO company working for you.

But are they getting you the results you deserve and pay for ?

Are they employing whitehat techniques to rank you ? You might see some quick wins with black hat techniques but your site will most likely suffer from future Google updates.

Does your SEO company implement the latest SEO techniques like setting up your site to use Rich Snippets using and acquiring Local Citations for your business ? Or are they still trying to build low quality links by article and directory submission and eating up your marketing budget?

I can conduct an once-off independent analysis of your website and tell you what sort of SEO work you have received from your SEO company.

Are you good at what you do ?

I have secured #2 position for the keyword ” SEO Consultant Melbourne “. As you can imagine this is a keyword most SEOs will be looking to target and is quite a competitive keyword to chase after. I have managed to get this spot within a few months of starting this new site. I think that shows my skill in getting results.

How do I get in touch with you ?

Just fill out the form and I will get back to you. I can offer my SEO services or recommend an SEO agency based on your requirement.

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